Advisory Boards, Expert Panels, and Meeting Management

Educating professionals in the healthcare industry

Better Health Worldwide creates content for expert advisory panels and educational conferences for healthcare practitioners. We develop live and web-based programs:

  • Access to medical directors and pharmacy directors in a non-biased, interactive environments
  • Stand-alone programs or shoulder events at industry meetings
  • Turn-key meeting management
  • National and international experience
  • Clinical and economic programs for a variety of disease states
  • Access to unique roundtables programs
  • Events comply with company and national guidelines

Live or virtual group programs

Live or virtual group programs make for an excellent way to obtain information in a group setting. Using a group program helps our clients identify consensus findings from participants. Such programs might be in the forms of:

  • Focus groups, ideally comprising 5 to 15 participants: The participants might all be similar types of professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, or payers, or they might be a mix of healthcare professionals. The focus group is usually moderated professionally, and the clients do not directly participate but may view the sessions through a two-way mirror. The focus group may apply the Delphi method, whereby:
    • The group is split into subgroups focused on subtopics.
    • After each breakout session, the results are shared with the larger group.
    • Additional subgroups are then convened to review the other groups’ findings and develop a consensus statement.
  • Roundtables, ideally comprising 10 participants or advisors: Similar to a focus group, a professional moderator is used—often a peer of the respondents. Unlike the focus group, however, clients sit at the roundtable and interact with the advisors. Most of the roundtables Better Health Worldwide conducts last about two hours.
  • Advisory boards, ideally comprising 10 participants or advisors: An advisory board uses a professional peer moderator, and the clients participate and interact with the advisors. Advisory boards often last longer than two hours.

Live programs may be conducted as stand-alone meetings in conjunction with industry conferences or at other locations. Virtual programs can be conducted online by using participants’ computers or Web-enabled devices.

Advisors participating in focus groups, roundtables, and advisory boards are typically paid honoraria for their participation. Better Health Worldwide provides comprehensive compliance reporting.

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