Data Collection and Datasets Experience

Data Collection

Sometimes, the data we seek is already available through marketed data. Data for rare diseases and products treated thru specialty pharmacies have traditionally been limited.  Better Health Worldwide and our partners offer unique and validated solutions to collect outcomes based real-world data in real time. Ask us for more information.

Datasets Experience

Our team understands that all data sources are different and can help you and your organization identify and acquire the best data for your research needs.

We understand and share the strengths and weaknesses of the different data sources. Organizations that only work with and sell one type of data, only share their strengths.

Our team has experience working with a variety of types of data, including: 

  • Managed Care utilization and access data
  • Employer data
  • Caregiver data
  • Survey-based data
  • Hospital data
  • Company provided internal data 

In-depth expertise in the following areas

Integrated Managed Healthcare Data

BH-WW and our affiliated research teams have experience with most of the major data sources (even when they change their names):

  • IBM Watson Health (Formerly Truven / Thomson Medstat)
  • IQVia (formerly Quintiles and IMS Health)
  • Optum (Optum Clinformatics® Data Mart Database)
  • Premier
  • Cerner
Limited Access Databases
  • Specialty pharmacy product data with clinical outcomes. This is a limited distribution database through a BH-WW partner where each data set is customized with the relevant outcomes for the diseases they cover
  • Employer data (exclusively available through Better Health Worldwide) with information on:
    • Direct medical and prescription utilization
    • Indirect costs paid to employees for absences due to sick leave, short- and long-term disability, and workers’ compensation
    • Lost time due for absences due to sick leave, short- and long-term disability, and workers’ compensation
  • Pharmacy chain data (all payers—including cash)
  • Consumer purchases
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) data
US Government Data
  • Medicare 5% Current Beneficiary Survey
  • Medicaid (various states)
  • US long-term care data (standardized information)
  • Cancer using Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER)
    • All newly diagnosed cancer (incident) cases in populations within defined geographic areas
    • Covers 1973 onward (about 3 years behind)
    • Data released in April of each year, based on the prior November’s submission
International and US Survey-Based Information
  • National Health and Well Being Survey
  • Cross-sectional survey of the US adult population:
    • This is a proprietary limited distribution database through a BH-WW partner
    • Random stratified sampling framework to ensure demographic composition similar to US Census
    • All data is weighted (complex survey design weighting) to be representative of the US adult population
    • Respondents recruited from 10 Internet panels; digital fingerprinting and quality-control process in place to ensure valid, unique responses
    • Data collection of ~1000 respondents each month; respondents are allowed to complete the survey each year
Caregiver Impact Data

Better Health Worldwide is increasingly working with our clients to develop value propositions to support treatment by demonstrating the impact on patients and their caregivers.

  • US-based data updated monthly
  • Comprehensive information on the patients being treated plus objectively-measured caregiver information on:
    • Medical and pharmacy claims
    • Absences and lost time from work