Market Research

A comprehensive approach to gathering data, interpreting results and advising on best practices to apply our findings

Better Health Worldwide can support both your primary and secondary market research efforts. Our team works with you as well as market research specialists to get answers in a variety of ways. Our primary research is based on respondent information, and our secondary research uses various data sources to find the right answers.

Primary Research Knowledge Assessment

Primary knowledge assessment works with your team to identify the research objective, determine the appropriate respondents, develop the right research questions, field the research, communicate the findings to your team as well as—if appropriate—to a larger audience through publications and presentations.

Better Health Worldwide works with your team to identify, recruit, and compensate appropriate participants. We have an extensive network of key decision makers associated with health plans and health facilities around the United States and around the world and have experience in working with:

  • Primary care and specialty clinicians
  • Chief medical and pharmacy officers
  • Managed-care executives and other insurance and payer executives
  • Healthcare-based information technology executives

Overall, Better Health Worldwide helps you understand the markets important to you.

Interactive surveys that can be conducted online or through interactive two-way text messages via such devices as smartphones or tablets.

One-on-one interviews with healthcare participants at all levels.

Live or virtual group programs, including:

  • Focus groups
  • Roundtables
  • Advisory boards

Secondary Market Research

Our team is well versed in secondary market research. Many of our publications began as market research projects to quantify the impact of a disease or condition by using secondary data. We work with a variety of partners to present your team with options for the data with which to address your research questions. Our analytic team works with you to identify the research question, license the right data, complete the analysis, and present the research to your team or larger audiences.

Better Health Worldwide fields research:

  • Online
  • Using interactive two-way text messages on such devices as smartphones or tablets

One-on-One Interviews:

Better Health Worldwide can conduct or facilitate interviews with healthcare participants at all levels. We conduct blind and non-blind phone, web-based, and live interactions.

Recent projects include:

  • Supporting new product launches by attending a medical conference, conducting one-on-one interviews, and providing the client with a summary report
  • Interviewing presenters, obtaining copies of presentations, and developing a summary report of research presented
  • Recruiting and scheduling respondents for live and web-based client meetings