As we transition into summer, many things that began to emerge during the spring take shape.  This is especially true for the Better Health Worldwide (BH-WW) team and our new website.

Like many gardeners, we began planning for this new website during the winter months, and worked through the spring to nourish and test the development.  During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw many changes in the way we operate. Travel throughout the world came to a standstill and our normal processes to share our research changed from live meetings to virtual programs.

Our team worked with our clients to share our work on the impact of sub-optimal treatment adherence on patients with Multiple Sclerosis, the burden of acromegaly, and the caregiver burden associated with major depressive disorders and suicides within the US.  Posters from this research have all been added to our publications page and the bottom of the “About” page, which:

  • Displays downloadable presentations from completed events
  • Showcases what we will be presenting at upcoming events
  • Allows you to request time at a meeting.

While we had a busy ‘virtual’ meeting schedule, we’ve also been busy fielding new research, working with our clients to finalize completed research into manuscripts, and developing new research protocols which we hope to communicate when we complete them.

Richard Brook, BH-WW President, continues to serve as the chairman for the Annual Meetings Abstracts and Posters for the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP).  He has been working with NASP on this year’s program and welcomes you to submit your research to this forum (

Our new seedlings include a couple of new boutique datasets exclusively available through the BH-WW team and our partners. Let’s set up some time to discuss how our offerings can help your team achieve their success.